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Arcane Realms Founder
Client BackSpin-Hosting

Genuinely a really good host from a technical perspective, their servers perform really well, are always up and running. I currently host a 7 server network, a discord bot and a Bedrock server, and all perform astonishingly well. Our biggest server (survival) hosts over 70 large plugins, and the server has no trouble with only medium specs, the support is also great from the team, and they all know what they're doing and are passionate about it. Bottom line is: if you're looking for a great host with basically no hassle, look no further. great prices, great support, great everything :)


Drag0n0ds YouTube Channel
Client BackSpin-Hosting

I personally use BackSpin Hosting for my 2 Minecraft servers. Both have had 99%+ uptime and staff are quick to announce any problems and are quick to respond to server issues in a professional manner. Pricings are amazing, starting from one euro per month and the quality is very high! Would highly recommend for anyone looking to host a Minecraft server!


DahWolfie's Instagram
Client BackSpin-Hosting

I personally use backspin for my own server. It’s a amazing hosting company. It’s very cheap and good quality. The staff is always really fast with responses. I would highly recommend this to other people who want to host servers on different games!


Owner of Grim Reaper Esports
Client BackSpin-Hosting

Personally use the hosting for my personal discord bot, it’s reliable and hasn’t had any down time, it’s been a great host and I’d recommend anyone here, also I heard there support is pretty good. There also exceptionally cheap!


Di_'s YouTube Channel
Client BackSpin-Hosting

Backspin-hosting is still fairly unknown, but that doesn't say a lot about the service because it's great. Whenever there was any problem it got resolved in no time. The prices are great compared to other hosting websites and the website itself is easy to use. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for an affordable server!


Client BackSpin-Hosting

Backspin Hosting is an amazing host that helps you with all sorts of things with your server. The support is is great and you will get a fast reply. The server itself runs smooth and Backspin hosting has a few tips and tricks up theire sleeve to give your server some performance boost. Other than the great support, they offer theire RAM for a very cheap price compared to other big hosting-companys. Nothing but a great experience!


Luukdabeasts Twitch Channel
Client BackSpin-Hosting

if you want a server but don't want to pay too much for it then it is great for just 1 euro!


Client BackSpin-Hosting

I have had nothing but pleasant experience having a MineCraft server hosted with them. The prices are very cheap and the services they offer are very nice as well. The discord ticket system they use is staffed by friendly individuals who will link you tutorials if you need them.